About Congress Park:

Founded in the late 1890’s, the Congress Park neighborhood is bounded by Colorado Boulevard, Colfax, York and 6th Avenue. The neighborhood is named after the park which it surrounds. Congress Park itself was once a cemetery. When approval was granted by the United States Congress, families were given 90 days to move their loved ones to a new location. Legend has it that some of the graves were not moved and many ghost stories remain.

The neighborhood remains extremely popular with young professionals and families due to its proximity to Cherry Creek and the surrounding area. The up and coming development of the old University of Colorado Hospital at 8th and Colorado Boulevard will only continue to add to the appeal of the area.

The architecture of the neighborhood remains diverse with many bungalows, Denver Squares and a few scattered multi-family buildings.


  • Congress Park itself
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • University of Colorado Medical School redevelopment

Neighborhood Association:

Public Schools:

  • Elementary: Teller, Steck
  • Middle: Morey, Hill
  • Senior: East High School, George Washington High School


Colorado Boulevard to the East, Colfax to the North, York to the West and 6th Avenue to the South